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    Shenzhen Xinbaoyuan Weaving Co.,Ltd, located in Shenzhen, was set up in 2008, next to the Gongming bus station. We are specialized in the design and manufacturing of woven labels、jacquard ribbons、printed labels、hangtag、embroideried patch and related products.

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    Shenzhen XinBaoYuan Weaving Co,.Ltd is one of the best garment accessories manufacturers, including garment labels, care labels, woven/embroidery patches, jacard ribbons, and hang tags. Good quality, satisfactory after-sale service, and reasonable price are guaranteed for customers all around the world.


    Turn on the heat press and set it to 260-280 degrees Fahrenheit (lower if working with delicate fabrics) After the heat press has heated place the shirt on the heat press and run a 10 second press without the patch. This will ensure the area where the patch will be going on is nice and hot. Place the patch where you want it and engage the heat press again for 15 more seconds. Let the shirt cool down all the way and the patch will be adhered on permanently.
    Please read all steps below and then attempt to iron on your patch Heat the iron to its maximum setting (set it lower if you are working with delicate fabrics) Get a pillow case and cover over the area where the patch will be ironed on. Iron over the pillow case to warm up the area where the patch will be applied. Remove the pillow case. Place the patch over the area to be applied. Cover it with the pillow case and iron the patch on applying pressure.
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