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  • private label clothing suppliers Protective gear label, durable sportswear label, private label supplier
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  • Beautiful festive woven wristband/tape, with closure clip, theme party band, conference band
  • Baby clothing, children garments woven patches, Oeko-Tex Standard 100
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Shenzhen Xinbaoyuan Weaving Co.,Ltd, located in Shenzhen, was set up in 2008, next to the Gongming bus station. We are specialized in the design and manufacturing of woven labels、jacquard ribbons、printed labels、hangtag、embroideried patch and related products.

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Shenzhen XinBaoYuan Weaving Co,.Ltd is one of the best garment accessories manufacturers. We have being a professional manufacturer for 9 years, produce all kinds of high quality garment labels, care labels, woven/embroidery patches, jacard ribbons, and hang tags. Good quality,satisfactory after-sale service, and reasonable price are guaranteed for customers all around the world.


With the development of computer technology, like gunpowder, paper and compass, computer embroidery became popular in China. Embroidery with professional computer embroidery software for computer programming method to design the pattern and needle order, eventually achieve the mass production of embroidery, computer embroidery not only in comparison to the traditional hand-made embroidery perfect inheritance, but also solved the traditional hand embroidery can't to complete the current situation of the large number of quantitative production..
From the texture, the main material of the tag is paper, also has plastic, metal. In addition, there is a new type of hanging card made from holographic anti-counterfeiting material. From the shape of it, there are many different kinds: long strips, folded, round, triangular, pattern, and other special shapes.
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